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We have extensive experience auctioning real estate, vehicles, and personal property. Auctions are a unique way to sell both real and personal property in a market which craves a unique take on the conventional sales process. Follow our auction process from beginning to end and contact us if you have any questions.

Auction Process


A successful auction promotion demands that we pay particular attention to each and every detail at the precise moment to insure your property is promoted to the biggest market at its targeted time. Ewald Auctions will carefully analyze your sale to direct it informative advertising to that particular segment of the market, whether the sale be real estate, vehicles, or personal property. Our Project Managers take pride in evaluating the specific needs of your property and use direct, online, and indirect marketing sources to produce the maximum price possible at the most efficient cost. Through our concentrated advertising program, we attract serious buyers with real purchasing power. Please contact us and ask about our different advertising packages. We have kept up with current technological marketing trends and can also be found on all forms of social media. Contact us for a marketing plan catered to your specific needs.

Auction Day

Auction day is staffed by our entire crew, including clerks, project and office managers, as well as an auctioneer and auctioneer’s apprentice. Our staff will help maximize dollars by spotting bids and highlighting your property to potential buyers. We get to see the true market value of the property, as we believe that when we put buyers with cash in hand, ready to purchase on site, they will reveal the true market value of property. We usually have concessions available on site so that our bidders do not have to leave the auction. We take great care and effort to ensure that our sales are successful.


Immediately after the auction we begin the closing and check out process. Depending on the sale, we can also schedule the pick-up of large items over several days following the sale. All payment is expected in full, immediately after the auction. Our team is already ready to accept payment, and provide a full and detailed invoice of the items purchased. Our clients are provided with an in depth report of the sale including detailed info on buyers and items sold. All payment is turned over to the seller in a timely manner, within 10 days after the auction.

Real Estate Listings

Ewald Auctions can list and sell industrial, commercial, and residential property. We have several qualified brokers and real estate agents on staff who can help effectively market your property.


Ewald Auctions has experience with all different types of appraisals. We can create an accurate market value for vehicles, and personal property. We can also give a Brokers Opinion of Value on real estate.

Liquidations / Receiverships / Assignments

We can handle the entire liquidation process from start to finish. Beginning with an inventory and appraisal, followed by a liquidation sale and culminating in a final sale (usual in the form of an auction) of all remaining assets. Whether it is real or personal property, vehicles, or appraisals, we have the experience to handle all of your specific needs.

Additionally, Robert Ewald has been appointed in Federal Bankruptcy, State, and Districts Courts to handle cases as an Assignee, Receiver, Liquidating Agent, and Special Master.


Ewald Auctions can provide a detailed inventory (and appraisal) of any and all assets held by the seller, regardless of what those assets are. We also have experience handling receiverships, consignments, probate, and all types of bankruptcy work.